Depression Neurosis Psychosis Anxiety

Depression Neurosis Psychosis Anxiety

Depression Neurosis Psychosis Anxiety 1173 655 Paterakis Michalis
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Neurosis Psychosis Anxiety Depression

Nervousness means that I have things that I don’t know that cause me problems. In psychoses there is a disconnect with reality, depression is anger towards the mother in the first year of life that comes out towards oneself and anxiety is a signal given by the psyche which alerts that something is wrong. There are other conditions in psychopathology such as narcissistic disorders and borderline disorders as well as personality disorders. Each of these situations is very different and requires different treatment. In psychotherapy we look specifically at each person. We specifically look at his emotional life. We put the emotions that cause very intense excitement, fear, discomfort, dissatisfaction in a warehouse. We close them. We imprison them and take away their right to speak. This censorship does not last forever because the imprisoned feelings go on strikes, demonstrations, protests, attacks, wanting to break their chains and be freed. The more they try to break free, the more the symptoms. And the stronger our resistance to keeping them imprisoned, the greater the intensity of the symptoms. But the symptoms are not the main problem. The main issue is the reasons why one was led to keep one’s emotional life under a repressive regime. Then it insulates the feeling, as we say, and it doesn’t flow. You cannot let it be expressed and invested in others only to have it come back again. So you block the feeling when you have repressed the feelings. Then again, it’s not just oppression. Some of the feelings are repressed. That is, it is not conscious. So you have the feelings you have inside you, but you don’t know them. So you are a person who is semi-conscious. You don’t know yourself even though you have them inside. This is the human psyche. One of its functions.


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The Suppression of Emotions – Neurosis Psychosis Anxiety Depression

This is the big chapter. That’s where the problems arise. How; When a feeling of hatred towards your mother, for example, you can’t stand it and you put it in the warehouse. You tell him sit there locked up and don’t talk. You don’t realize you’re doing it. And then you tell him listen: not only will you not talk, but when they ask you, you will say how much you love your mother, do we understand? We do this all the time in our childhood anyway so as not to lose our parents’ love or because we think we are in danger of losing their attention and protection. When prohibitions are indeed strong and at worst inflexible and absolute, then the defense becomes stronger. The fake “I love you” becomes more exaggerated, more dramatic, to convince, not to reveal its true nature, the nature of hatred. Now imagine that this is a small example in a multitude of problems that a 3-6 year old child has to deal with and this is on the assumption that his life until the age of three has gone somewhat smoothly otherwise the problems are much bigger because you have to solve and the previous. What are these; They are many and important and you can read them by clicking here.

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