Family Therapy

Family Therapy

Here we have a solution to problems that concern the family context.

We usually observe symptoms that lie in the context of conflicts, explosive behavior, neglect, abusive reactions, but also symptoms that may appear in a family member who, without realizing it, has taken it upon himself as a therapist to resolve the conflicts.

Family therapy brings family members together in a group setting where we examine the relationships between members with the goal of highlighting the problem and correcting it. Most problems in the family are unconscious.

The family therapist has the special training to connect the issues of each member with the issues of the other members. This is how members get out of their personal narcissism over time και αρχίζουν να βλέπουν και τους άλλους. So the family begins to gain tolerance and get closer to its goal of being able to live together in cooperation and understanding.

The process of psychotherapy requires commitment, dedication and is addressed only to those who seriously see that they need to change their lives. If you are thinking of starting this journey, call me at 211 71 51 801 to make an appointment and see together how I can help you

family therapy

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