Psychotherapy For Couples

Psychotherapy For Couples

Psychotherapy For Couples

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Psychotherapy For Couples : Couples today are slowly starting to be suspicious about the way they enter into relationships and think about whether their partner is suitable for a relationship and possibly a family. However, the relationships that people develop with each other are so unconscious that it is very difficult if not impossible for one to understand on his own what kind of things he is looking for there, if the other person can respond to them and if as personalities they can somehow match.

Psychotherapy For Couples

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Which Relationships Are Functional? Psychotherapy For Couples

Most relationships are not functional unfortunately. People don’t understand each other and things get messed up at the slightest thing. Of all the marriages through statistics that we know, about 10% have a really happy family life. Who are these lucky families? They are of two types:

  • those in which the members of the pairs complement each other
  • those in which the members of the pairs resemble each other.



By complementarity we mean the feeling that I can give the other something that he does not have and take from him something that I do not have. Many confuse it because when you are in love you assume that this is what happens anyway. But it is not possible to get warmth and intimacy from the other when he is cold inside no matter how much I am in love.


As for the similarity, even if it is confusing. Because in the initial stages of love there is the feeling of omnipotence and magical thinking, everything is so distorted that one thinks – wrongly – that he is the same as the other. This means omnipotence. Believe that no matter what happens, you have someone just like you who will magically solve all the problems.


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Psychotherapy For Couples

When marriages are based on distortions of reality, then they are bound to fail simply because people fall from the clouds when they very simply soon find that the other person has nothing to do with what they had in their minds that they are.

The human psyche is particularly complex because most true feelings are hidden and repressed. In a proper psychotherapy the therapist can understand which feelings are those that penetrate the relationship without anyone realizing it and operate underground. When these feelings emerge, then a reaction from people begins. A reaction which gradually leads to their resolution.

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The process of psychotherapy requires commitment, dedication and is addressed only to those who seriously see that they need to change their lives. If you are thinking of starting this journey, please call me at 211 71 51 801 to make an appointment and let’s see together how I can help you.

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